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Observation, use your 5 senses to describe a scene.

Observation, use your 5 senses to describe a scene. I‚m sitting at an outdoor cafÂÆ'Â © in Skopje, Macedonia, having Turkish coffee with my friend, Adelina. The coffee is strong and thick, has the consistency of mud, but it is really sweet. Its late afternoon, but I still feel drunk and a little dizzy from all the ouzo and wine we had drank the night before. It‚s pretty windy but still warm. Every couple of minutes or so, a cool breeze hits us from where the river runs through the heart of the city about a block away and fills the area with the smell of wild flowers and fresh coffee for a few seconds, then it clears and we‚re back to the regular smell of diesel engines and cigarette smoke that you would expect to smell in a European city.If I try real hard, I can sometimes focus my attention to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees or leaves sweeping across the ground instead of loud buses, cars honking their horns and people yelling and speaking in a strange language.English: Turkish coffee at Cairo HiltonI lo ok at Adelina, and I can see that she is enjoying herself as well, even though we‚re not talking. We‚re both just sitting here, enjoying our surroundings and each other‚s presence. She hasn‚t stopped smoking since we sat down. She uses the last of the cigarette she smokes to light the next one before she puts it out. Her hair is a mess, and her sunglasses have definitely seen better days, they look like someone must sat on them and. She looks funny, but beautiful and perfect at the same time.There are pigeons everywhere‚…on the sidewalk, on the floor, in the trees and in the bushes behind me. I wonder if this is really their city we‚re in, and they‚re just gracious...

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Stress in the workplace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stress in the workplace - Research Paper Example They have achieved it on the cost of their personal and social life. The urge to remain employed has caused the employees to endorse the culture of work-life imbalance. The whole effort of the employees is concentrated at increasing the productivity. Since the time is limited, employees have no option but to sacrifice their private life for the work. This is the reason why employees do not find time to spend with the family. While on one hand, this is distorting the employees’ relations with their families, on the other hand, it is also affecting their performance as continued work without breaks and rest declines an individual’s mental and physical efficiency. In addition to that, the ones who have managed to remain employed have been assigned the job responsibilities of the employees that have been terminated, which has essentially increased the work load for the remaining employees manifolds. Since the effects of economic recession are not limited to the workplace, t he employees have to deal with the inflation and increased rates of things of everyday use. There is so much to purchase in a very limited salary, that an employee always runs short of money. Stress in the workplace is one of the most important causes of increase in employees’ depression and anxiety. Some employees have been stressed to the point that they have attempted suicide. â€Å"[Employees] come to work and tell a manager or colleague that they are thinking of harming themselves. They are texting, calling, instant-messaging. Or they’ll disclose they’ve made an attempt. Some have even tried to kill themselves at work† (LeBlanc cited in Mirza, 2012). Stress in the workplace has distorted the employees’ relations with the family members, particularly with the spouses.

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Should U.S get war with Iraq Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Should U.S get war with Iraq - Research Paper Example To him, Saddam was developing and stock piling weapons of mass destruction, denied Iraq people democratic space and his administration abused human rights. Furthermore, Saddam was accused of financing and harboring Al-Qaeda. However, facts and evidences refuted the above allegations and revealed that it was Bush’s and his cronies’ decision to attack Iraq in order to secure supply of oil. Statement French and Jason claimed that terrorism and weapons of mass destruction compelled United States of America to lead war against Iraq (61). However, United States of America should not have led war against Iraq. All facts and supplementary evidence failed to link Iraq with any form of violation of both international law and United States security. On the contrary, security, integrity and independence of sovereign Iraq were adversely violated following clever statements and manipulation of facts carried out by former President Bush administration. Bush used clever statements to i nfluence decision of the UN Security Council and allied nations to destroy Saddam’s regime. Bush administration painted Saddam as defiant and deceptive. As compared to Iran, Libya and North Korea, Iraq had less capability of developing WMD. Doherty confirmed that war in Iraq was not driven by bad intelligence but rather it was by Choice of Bush and his cronies. Bush relied on his National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which were doctored to mislead Americans and the world to back the war against Saddam regime as planned. Justification why Iraq war was acceptable First reason why it was wrong to invade Iraq was that, Iraq did not possess or produced weapons of mass destruction. According to United Nations Security Council and United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission did not find evidence of weapons of mass destruction (199). Iraq Survey Group led by the United States of America revealed that Iraq ended its biological, chemical and nuclear programs in 1991. In fact in February 2001, Powell and Rumsfeld asserted that Iraq did not pose a nuclear threat. It was even revealed that Saddam did not have the capacity or intention to project conventional weapons against own neighbors leave alone weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, United States at that time declared that they had Saddam caged. The weapons that were suspected to be contained in Iran were Yellowcake uranium. Furthermore, the French government opined that Iraq had stockpiles of botulism and anthrax toxins and was able to produce VX within short notice. Sabri alleged that Saddam hid poisonous gas among Sunni tribe’s men but revealed that there were no biological weapons stocked piled or produced in Iraq. However, Bush’s administration maintained that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction even after facts presented by various investigators such as Wilson Joseph and Subri revealed otherwise. In 1995, according to report provi ded by defector General Hussein Kamel to the United Nation’s Security Council all chemical, biological, missiles and nuclear arsenals had been destroyed. Following repeated assessment that was done in May 2001, Iraq’s military was said to be fairly weak. In July 2001, Rice claimed that Saddam was not in control of North of Iraq and his military forces were not rebuilt or regroup. In September 2002, International Institute for Strategic Studies revealed

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Distinguished eighteenth century empiricist philosophers Essay

Distinguished eighteenth century empiricist philosophers - Essay Example The author has rightly presented that one of the most imperative of his doctrines includes the refutation of the (mis)conception that occurrence of two events or incidents contains some cause, which results into the happening of these incidents, as the effect of some cause that gives way to that the happening of the events. Hume, on the other hand, argues that since the magnitude as well as association between the cause and effect cannot be measured or estimated altogether, it would also be impossible to assert that happening of two events is the outcome of some cause. Thus, he does not perceive any cause in the occurrence of different events. Being a skeptic, Hume refuses to submit to the traditional notion about causation theory altogether subsequently. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Hume does not maintain any belief in causation; on the contrary, causation certainly exists, though it is unknowable; consequently, forming of complex ideas and different kinds of knowledge look f or either previous experience or analysis of the knowledge gathered or ascribed through any way. Here, the skeptic philosopher alludes to priori and posteriori knowledge, where the former is attained through experience, while the latter is abstract or intellectual one i.e. related to various disciplines like astronomy, science, mathematics and others. The philosopher cites examples of substances and abstract ideas in order to explain their development procedure and relationship with one another. Since Hume belongs to empiricist school of philosophical thought, he does not find the existence of any innate knowledge in humans. Contrarily, he divides the attainment of the same either through experience or through the application of senses while entering into interaction with the natural or social phenomena. Consequently, the individuals perceive the things in the light of either senses or experiences (539). Like Locke and Berkeley, Hume also declares application of senses as an unrelia ble source of perceiving the objects and phenomena, he views knowledge gained through the senses as inferior to the one that has been obtained out of experiences. However, both these ways may create errors and problems in respect of communicating the flow of information, and thus providing humans with appropriate knowledge as well. As a result, Hume suggests two different ways for getting knowledge and development of ideas in an apposite manner. Hume calls the ideas as spontaneous ones, which are permuted through imagination in order to change them into more complex form. Since the individuals do not have any experience about these complex ideas, which are actually the product of imagination, these developed ideas are unable to provide a clear concept of the objects related to the ideas (544). As a result, human creative power witnesses bar in respect of its extension, and hence turn out to be limited and narrower in the real sense. Complex ideas, in his eyes, are actually the produ ct of simple ideas, which could be stated as the dismal reflection of the simple impressions from which they are ultimately derived, to which they correspond and exactly resemble. In order to develop complex ideas on the basis of accuracy and true knowledge, by going through the process of composing simple ideas to change them into the complex ones, there must be the inclusion of experience, so that a mature and perfect picture of the situation could be drawn out of these simple and complex ideas. Since ideas are far less forceful than impressions,

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Analysis of a Scene from Luhrmanns Production of Romeo and Juliet Essa

Analysis of a Scene from Luhrmann's Production of Romeo and Juliet It seems interesting at first that Baz Luhrmann should choose to rework Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet into a modern movie. However, when you think about the aims of a modern film-maker such as wanting to really affect the audience and create a series of moving and powerful images shot through with dialogue, then it is less surprising that Romeo and Juliet was Luhrmann's choice. Shakespeare's play is filled with emotion and suspense, so had limitless potential to be made into a great movie. Luhrmann adapted the play for the big screen very effectively, managing to portray the emotion of the film using visual storytelling techniques that had not been available to Shakespeare at the time he wrote and staged it, for example elaborate sets. One of the scenes where Luhrmann portrays the emotion and drama of the story superbly is Act 3, Scene 1. It is possible to consider how effectively Luhrmann adapted this scene by studying the different techniques he employed in reworking it from the play into part of a movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The soundtrack complements the movie, and was used in this particular scene to help set the mood. Music in the movie is used to build tension, convey emotions and create links between other scenes in the movie. For example, whenever the viewer sees Tybalt and the Capulet boys together, wild western music can be distinctly heard. Be it at the petrol station in the opening of the movie or on Verona beach, the wild western music is consistently associated with them. When they walk onto the beach out of their car, the way they swagger ... ...ecide what to include and how to shoot the scene to convey the emotion that fuels it, indeed one of Luhrmann's main concerns when shooting this movie was staying true to Shakespeare's original play. Luhrmann had an advantage over Shakespeare in that he could visually show a lot of the emotion and feeling that Shakespeare had to have his characters explain when he staged it. Where Luhrmann has omitted text from the original play, he has shown the emotion that was expressed in the text through the actions of characters and, among other factors, sets, lighting and music. So while Shakespeare supplied the wonderful story behind Luhrmann's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, it is Luhrmann who successfully turned the play into a modern day movie that stayed true to Shakespeare's play while being suited to a modern day audience.

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Human Computer Interaction

This system will allow a user to directly pay for their food with a queue number that is created by the system. We created a system that is easy to be understood by the user and is more practical to use. Ill. We made this assignment with a few stages, as follows: First: The user must choose what language will be used to select the food in our restaurant, we provide two languages are English and Indonesian. After selecting the engage the user can choose a Vegetarian menu or Non Vegetarian menu.Then if the customer chose the Vegetarian menu Vegetarian menu list will be displayed, as well as for Non Vegetarian menu. Second: Users only need to choose the desired food and beverages. After the costumer have chosen their desired food, the list of names and food prices will be displayed on payout table on the left screen. If the user wants to change the food menu to be ordered then select the name of the food that want canceled then press the symbol on the right price.Third: If the list of f oods that ordered the user is correct press the â€Å"ORDER†, then select payment by cash or credit card. After completion of the selection of the payment method, the user selects the â€Å"K† and the memorandum of the payment will come out automatically. From the stage we give the conclusion that this view has the initial appearance, vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu and a menu of payment and this will make the user or customer order food easily and is equipped with a menu display â€Å"HELP† which will help users who are confused using the drive-thru this.

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Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution - Essay - 895 Words

George Orwells novel Animal Farm is a great example of allegory and political satire. The novel was written to criticize totalitarian regimes and particularly Stalins corrupt rule in Russia. In the first chapter Orwell gives his reasons for writing the story and what he hopes it will accomplish. It also gives reference to the farm and how it relates to the conflicts of the Russian revolution. The characters, settings, and the plot were written to describe the social upheaval during that period of time and also to prove that the good nature of true communism can be turned into something atrocious by an idea as simple as greed. This essay will cover the comparisons between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. It will also explain why†¦show more content†¦After the attack on Jones, (The Czar) Snowball becomes the leader and changes the name of Manor farm to Animal Farm, which represents the good of the change that has been made. Snowball portrays Lenin who is the first leade r of Russia to rule under the new doctrine of communism. Snowball comes up with many great ideas about how to make animal farm prosper even though he is a little corrupt as well. One of the ideas is the construction of a windmill to improve the efficiency. Napoleon, representing Stalin, opposes the idea and after betraying Snowball by convincing the other animals that he is a spy, has him run off of the farm by the dogs that represent the KGB. Napoleon puts the animals hard to work building the very same windmill he opposed at first. This should have given him away as a corrupt leader in the beginning. br brThe most important part of a country is the people and Orwell was sure to represent their opinions and internal struggles. Boxer represents the blind followers who were probably too stubborn to believe that someone they trusted would deceive them. He ultimately took on the philosophy that Napoleon was always right exemplifying some of Russias beliefs that these leaders must know what theyre doing so they just worked hard and believed that Stalin would do what was in the best interest of the people. Then there were theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution877 Words   |  4 Pages George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is a great example of allegory and political satire. The novel was written to criticize totalitarian regimes and particularly Stalins corrupt rule in Russia. In the first chapter Orwell gives his reasons for writing the story and what he hopes it will accomplish. It also gives reference to the farm and how it relates to the conflicts of th e Russian revolution. The characters, settings, and the plot were written to describe the social upheaval during that periodRead MoreThe Russian Revolution and Animal Farm Essay1424 Words   |  6 PagesThe book Animal Farm by George Orwell was written in comparison to the way that the Russian revolution had taken place. The main idea of the book was that the petite bourgeoisie’s (the middle class people) were the ones who took advantage of the revolt. The petite bourgeoisie moved up the social tower to be the bourgeoisie (the noble class). The proletariat (peasants) did not want to rebel because they were to worried about what they were going to eat the next day. Mr. Jones the owner andRead MoreAnimal Farm And Russian Revolution Essay1202 Words   |  5 PagesANIMAL FARM THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION â€Å"All Animals Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others.1 At the beginning of the 19th century much of Europe viewed Russia as an undeveloped, backward society. The Russian Empire executed serfdom which is when landless peasants had to serve those who owned land. This went on quite far into the 19th century. Serfdom disappeared in most of the Europe by 1500. The Russian Revolution which took place in the year 1917 was an explosive political event that tookRead MoreThe Russian Revolution and George Orwells Animal Farm Essay1241 Words   |  5 PagesThe Russian Revolution and George Orwells Animal Farm Animal Farm can be read in two different ways. The first is as a childs book about animals that can walk and talk, but the second is to understand what message the book is trying give. To understand this message you need to understand about the Russian revolution 1917. In the book Animalism is created and in the revolution communist leaders gain power. The book directly links a person from the revolution toRead MoreAnimal Farm Literary Analysis710 Words   |  3 Pageshis most known is Animal Farm.This book is where Orwell’s political style as well as other techniques he used in his writing were used most. Animal Farm is about farm animals who are being neglected by their owner, and they decides to overthrow him and take control of their farm. However, that is only the the outer layer of the story, looking under the surface, this is an allegory detailing the Russian Revolution. The author wrote this novel in response to the Russian Revolution and what was happeningRead MoreAllegory Animal Farm Analysis773 Words   |  4 PagesAnimal Farm Allegory Essay According to, Revolution: an overthrown or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Orwell wrote Animal Farm to be a satire to the Russian Revolution. The oldest, wisest pig on the farm, Old Major, has a dream of a rebellion against the humans. He tells the idea to his fellow comrades and starts an uprise with the animals. Once Old Major died, the animals became tired of the farmerRead MoreEssay Russian Revolution and Orwell526 Words   |  3 PagesRussian Revolution and Orwell Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution have many similarities and ideas. The characters, settings, and the plots are the same. In addition Animal Farm is a satire and allegory of the Russian Revolution, George Orwell meant for it to be that way. My essay will cover the comparison between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. Also it will explain why this novel is a satire and allegory to the Revolution. First of all the characters of the farm have a specialRead MoreAn Allegory In Animal Farm By George Orwell?819 Words   |  4 Pagesopportunities does writing Animal Farm as an allegory rather than an academic essay offer Orwell? The novel Animal Farm was written by George Orwell. This book was published in 1945 during the time of World War 2. It intended to portray the communism that was happening throughout Russia. Orwell took a massive risk in publishing and jeopardized his wellbeing to publicise his thoughts and to get his point across to the public. This essay will discuss what opportunities Animal Farm provides Orwell by writingRead More Allegory is a story that works on two levels. Essay1178 Words   |  5 PagesMature readers appreciate the powerful satire on communism gone wrong, while for younger readers it is a hilarious fable of the farmyard.-Animal Farm As explained in the quote above, Animal Farm is a story that works on two levels. One level is simple, and the other one is the more complex and sophisticated. I would like to explain these levels in this essay. But first, I would like to clearly explain what the word allegory means by giving some examples from well-known fables. One of the best Read MoreOctober Revolution and Animal Farm1439 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Dylan Hearn 2nd 9/24/14 Animal Farm 20 Questions Webquest    Directions: Please use the suggested links to find answers to each of the questions below. Be sure to paraphrase (not copy) the answers/information you find on the internet.   All these questions will have parallels in Animal Farm, so be sure to pay careful attention!    For questions #1-2, please refer to your copy of the novel and to this website 1. What was George Orwell’s